Bulky Items Overboard



     Did you know San Antonio only offers Bulky Item Collection twice a year? Bin There Dump That San Antonio offers it any time a year, we are just a phone call away. BTDTSA strongly believes in disposing of any clutter, but also believe in having more room than not enough room in the dumpster as well by ordering larger. 

    Ordering large is not a gimmick to get more money, in fact, it's to help our customers save money by guaranteeing a one haul trip. If a customer over fills the dumpster, it will be an additional trip charge and waste the customer's time in having to off load what was already loaded into the dumpster. The next step would be deciding to order another dumpster to haul what was taken out or finding out what to do with it once the dumpster is gone. 

    The main reason we cannot take an overloaded dumpster is because the driver will not be able to put a tarp over the dumpster to hold all the debris in place when driving it to the landfill. Debris flying out of the dumpster can potentially cause harm to those around and is a fine by the city. 

    When loading your dumpster, please always keep in mind the dumpster has to be an even load for hauling purposes and to always consider having more room in the dumpster than not enough room.