Don't Make Rookie Mistakes

                                                                        Renting a dumpster doesn't have to be rocket science. As long as you take into consideration a few basic steps, you can be a pro at your first rental or 100th rental. Bin There Dump That is always here to guide you through your rental to make sure you're getting the most trash in your dumpster for your buck. As you can see from our guide, there are seven mistakes that can cost you more than your dumpster rental should, be a safety precaution to yourself and others, and not being efficient enough for you. 

Starting of course with Mistake #1, avoid tossing hazardous materials. Most counties have hazardous sites that have drop off days, times and fees to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as paint cans with liquid paint in them, tires, asbestos (usually a company handles this), gasoline, oils, etc. If a dumpster contains any hazardous materials, the landfills can fine BTDT and the fine will be passed to the customer. 

Mistake #2, place the dumpster in a spot that does not block your own vehicle(s), does not block your views around the dumpster putting yourself, others or objects in harm's way because you cannot see around the dumpster and do not block the doors of the dumpster as it will make loading it much harder. 

Mistake #3 is making sure the area in which your dumpster will be located will access no damage. In other words, even with our driveway, parking lot or possibly grass protection system, make sure the route to the dumpster won't cause any damages to the surrounding area.

Mistake #4 is not keeping in mind the location of the dumpster. Please do not block your neighbors home, driveway or office, keep the dumpster on your own property. Avoiding soft ground such as a yard, field or muddy area is ideal as the dumpster can get heavy and seep into the ground causing damages to the area and please make sure there are no sprinkler systems or pipes in any soft ground area as the truck and the dumpster will definitely cause damages leading to expensive repairs!

Mistake #5, giving yourself less space because it's less money. Don't do that. A dumpster can only be filled up to the rim as we must tarp the dumpster for hauling safely to the landfills. If a dumpster is overloaded, it will be dumped or another fee will be applied to have to go back to the property at a later date once the dumpster is off loaded for tarping.

Mistake #6, not coordinating your dumpster rental with the length of the project. Our dumpster rentals are a flat fee for up to 7 days. Any longer than 7 days can result to a daily charge. Contact your local Bin There Dump That for terms and conditions on rental days included in the price to make sure that your project will be done in time for pick up.

Mistake #7 avoiding long trips to your dumpster because the debris is far. Try to place your dumpster as close and convenient as your debris, so it makes it more efficient for loading.

    At Bin There Dump That, we want to help your dumpster rental experience be as simple as possible. Call us anytime for guidance and advice. Ask the driver on site for a little advice on what might work best for you or speak with one of our customer service employees and they can advise you.