Importance of Tarping

     There's nothing scarier than driving and suddenly getting struck in the windshield or the car by some kind of debris. You're lucky if there is no damage and if there is, you're pained by the headache of trying to prove where the debris came from and then filing an insurance claim. At Bin There Dump That, we don't want to put you through that. We strongly believe in the importance of tarping our dumpsters upon pick up to keep the debris in the bin! 

    When moving debris to the landfill, we don't want to lose any on the way. Our drivers go through training to learn how to securely tie a tarp down on a bin so tight that nothing is getting out of it! The drivers even go through a training on how to fold a tarp to avoid any damages to them. Once a bin arrives to the landfill, the tarp is carefully lifted and the bin is tipped to remove the debris. 

    We do have a policy that our renters cannot fill a bin above the rim and that is so important for tarp maintenance and to guarantee that we can fit the tarp over the bin to keep all the debris inside. We appreciate our customers for all their consideration in following the bin filling policy. We have the best customers!