What to do with used cooking oil?


I’m sure the first thing to come to mind when it comes to getting rid of used oil is pouring it down the drain! Let me STOP you right there though. As easy and convenient as it can be to just throw it down the drain, it’s also a negative effect on your home, the environment and our communities.

Also pouring oil outside in the corner of your backyard could also create a hazard to yourself as well as those around you.


In this blog we will go over the proper ways to dispose of oil, when and how to throw it away, how to reuse cooking oil and lastly the effects of improper disposal of cooking oil.


Proper ways to dispose of Cooking Oil:

First and foremost, Oil should be used 2-3 times before it’s thrown out.

You never want to cook with oil that has been sitting out past 7-10 days or you can go by the look of it. (cloudy, funny odor, or has a foamy top layer)

If you ever come across a grease fire, our first reaction is WATER, well STOP right there! The water will only make it worse. Use a towel to suffocate the fire and make sure to cut off the source that the heat is coming from.


When and How to throw away?

The best time to dispose of cooking oil is when the grease cools down. If you a dare devil you can definitely put it away in a glass jar, metal coffee can, or a milk carton. You can also get aluminum foil and shape it in the garbage disposal as if your making a strainer and pour the over it. The aluminum foil serves as a drain guard and catches the oil. Or you can also put the cooking oil in the freezer.

The best way to throw away the cooking oil is after you secure it is by placing it in the dumpster. Of, course you want to make sure that when placing it in the dumpster you don’t just throw it, be cautious on what could also potentially be in the dumpster with that oil.


How to Re-Use cooking oil

Not all used cooking oil is to be re-used, but for those that are like, for example bacon grease. I would definitely re-use it. Strain the oil with a strainer/paper towels or specific tool into something that you can properly dispose of the gunk. And then kindly use that bacon grease for some bean and cheese tacos. Cook the beans with the oil and Bon Appétit!


The effects of improper disposal of cooking oil

There are many negative effects to environment when we dispose of oil improperly. Sewage blockage, overflow from unsanitary bacteria into the  water lines, soils and buildings. It can also cause physical effects, such as coating animal’s fur and plans with oil and suffocating them from oxygen.


Wrapping it up

When disposing of your used oil, make sure to take in count of what can be affected if you improperly dispose of it. Where there is a cause, there is also an effect. So be sure to make sure that you are following the correct measures to get rid of the oil properly. Whether you recycle or immediately dispose of your cooking oil, make sure you do it safely.