What can I fit in my Dumpster?

Bin There Dump That is known for its infamous Green Machines (Dumpsters) .
We have 4 sizes to meet your every need.

Typically when dumping, companies will have a specific weight limit per dumpster. If your over the weight of course more then likely there will be a fee added. Its always good to ask questions like what can and cannot be added in the Bin that would create an extra charge? How much your paying per ton after the maximum weight allowed? How long can you keep the dumpster and if kept longer what are the extra fees on that? 

Staring off with the 6YD Bin:  

  • 9" long
  • 6" wide
  • 3" high
Great for a small home clean-out , construction debris, top soil, gravel, bricks, and concrete. (max. 1TON) (ONLY ONE THAT IS ALLOWED TO HAVE CONCRETE.)

10YD Bin: 

  • 9" long
  • 7" wide
  • 4" high 

Great for a small home clean out, construction debris, landscaping, household debris and shingles. 

14YD Bin: 

  • 11" long
  • 8" wide
  • 4.5" high
Great for Medium to Large home clean outs, Construction debris and House hold debris. (max. 3 TONS) CONCRETE NOT ALLOWED.

20YD Bin: 

  • 12" long
  • 8" wide  
  • 6" high 
Great for Medium to Large home clean outs, furniture , mattresses . CONCRETE NOT ALLOWED.

What can you put in your dumpster?For each dumpster there were definitely many things that were alike, but its always good to know what you CAN and CANNOT fit in your dumpster .
So the next time your looking around for a Dumpster Company... Let Bin There Dump That show you quality Service and speak to one our exceptional customer service reps and they will be happy to further assist you!