How to use confidence and technique to get  you what you want from Life, Relationships, and your Career.

First and Foremost, in order to successfully get what you want, you need to be confident in yourself in everything that you do. When people say that your first impression means everything, they're 100% correct. The way that you carry yourself can reflect on your character more then you know. 

Confidence is built on accomplishments. When you achieve something big or small it creates a sense of security that builds that confidence. 

To better guide you ,we have 10 ways that you can help build that confidence in YOU:

  1. Get things Done: Set an agenda to map your daily accomplishments.
  2. Monitor your progress: Set goals (Big or Small ) and then monitor the progress for each on of those goals. 
  3. Always do the Right thing: Value the honor system. Short term sacrifices can get in the way of your long term sacrifices if they aren't handled properly. Trust is everything. 
  4. Exercise: This speaks on all levels: mind, body and soul. It helps memory retention, improves your focus, helps manage stress and prevents depression. 
  5. Be Fearless: Of course no one ever wants failure to be an option, but the objective is to never let the fear of failure stop you from trying. You may fail again, but he only way to perfect anything is by failing. 
  6. Always believe in yourself: Never allow someones opinions or decisions to dictate your thoughts or ideas. Stand on what you believe and never back down. 
  7. Follow Through: Make sure you keep your word. Dont speak on things until you know for sure that you can do it. And  make sure to follow though. Like they say actions speak louder the words, so let your actions be the judge of that!
  8. Create long term goals: The foundation of unhappiness is decisions made from short term comfort that can impede on your long term goals. (Ex. when losing weight but having cheat days when you should be most dedicated to the commitment you made to yourself. ) Those short term "cheat days" could prevent you from losing that extra 15 you wanted to lose or whatever be the case. Create long term goals and crush them! 
  9. Don't care what others think: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that doesn't mean you have to take their criticism and run with it. YOU are in control! and take their constructive criticism and master it. Knowledge is power!! 
  10. Do more of what makes you happy : Surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you and speak positive of you when your not around. Go get that dream car, get your hair done, go for a hike and simply stay home and do a DIY project. Be so Happy, people cant stand it, eventually it'll rub off on them!