Bring your Cheer to prepare for next year!

 We’re approaching the New Year and many of us cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020 to welcome 2021 into our lives! I’m curious, are you a New Year’s resolution person? I’m also curious what 2021 will bring to the table. To be sure we can make it through; we’ve put a small list together of some tips that will bring success to you no matter what 2021 comes with.

1.)  Make a list and check it twice. It’s hard to get much done through the Holiday season but it’s a really good idea to put a list together with what tasks still remain on your to-do list to get as much completed as you can for a fresh start to your New Year!

2.)  Review your last 365 days to prepare for the next. While you’re under review, make sure to include your successes and setbacks to ensure you can see how you ran into said setback this step will 100% help to avoid this in the future and of course have continued success.

3.)  Make goals. I know - I know another list!? YES, goals are so important for success stories! Without an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish, how will you ever get there? While creating your mini goal list it is imperative to set logical goals for yourself. Now that you have a list you can think of what steps it will take to achieve said goals.

4.)  Consolidate! Have your emails been piling up? Are you subscribed to a billion retail stores that spam your inbox? Now is the time to get this under control, there’s no better time than now to filter through your emails and unsub to the accounts that you no longer want information sent from because let’s face it, once our emails reach over a certain amount and yes, we all have one…. Some may be higher than others….(like mine) But the result is still the same, they just keep piling up. This is a small goal on my lift this year, be better at check and maintaining personal emails! Afterall, you never know what specials you’re missing when you’re neglecting your email.