How do I know if I need a dumpster?


We often receive first time renters unsure of what they need to rent, we have options and the education to help size the best bin for your project! Whether your project involves general trash or bulky items such as furniture or appliances or dense debris like concrete, marble, rock or dirt we have the friendly bin just for you! We offer 6,10,14,20 cubic yards all available with doors in the back for easy loading; delivered with our board system and removed after we do our post job sweeping! No one takes care of you like the Bin There Dump That team will!

Our 6 Cubic yard is 9’long, 6’wide and 3’high this bin is perfect for a small home clean out or dense debris such as brick, rock, marble, dirt and concrete. If you have a small room that is being renovated this may be an option for you as well, it holds up to 3 truckloads of debris. Be careful with bulky items, they can take up a lot of space.

Our 10 cubic yard is 9’long, 7’wide, and 4’ high this bin comfortably holds 4 truckloads of debris and is great for tile work, roofing jobs for debris such as shingles. This bin is also great for small home clean outs that include general trash, clothing, small dressers etc.

 Our 14 Cubic yard is 11’long, 8’wide, and 4.5’high, here in San Antonio this is our most popular size bin, holding up to 5 truckloads of debris. This bin is great for medium to large home clean outs including mattresses, box springs other miscellaneous bulky items. This bin is also a great option for home renovations as you can fit quite a bit of scrapped debris in here as well such as dry wall, wood, old windows, and old appliances.

 Our 20 Cubic yard is 12’long, 8’wide, and 6’high, the double doors on the back of this bin are a must for shorties like me! This big Momma can hold up to 8 truckloads of debris and is the best add on to any large construction site or to help get rid of unwanted junk before you move to avoid lugging it all to your next location only to toss it away!

Remember Bin There Dump That cares about the service you receive and our exceptional customer service is surly just what you need to get your upcoming project complete!

                                           14 CUBIC YARD                             20 CUBIC YARD & 6 CUBIC YARD

                                                                                   10 CUBIC YARD