Tips on how to prevent others from using your Bin

Renting a bin can cost a pretty penny on the front end just for the initial charge depending on the type of project you have underway. Additional fees can add up quickly, imagine having a half empty bin and waking up to a full one in the morning, this is an unfortunate situation that does occur from time to time. It is illegal to dump trash in dumpster placed on private property unless given permission by the owner of the dumpster, if caught fines could be anywhere from $500 plus and possible jail time. We have some ideas that may help stop others from illegally using and abusing your rental!

Placement: If you have access to place the bin behind a gate; either in the back yard or depending on the size you order the side gate may be able to grant access to hid the bin there. This may result in additional walking to dump debris, but it will prevent anyone from dumping their junk in your bin.

Bin Options: Ask if your dumpster rental facility has any bins to offer with a lid, Our 14 cubic yard is great for home clean outs and home renovations, we do have options with lids and they come with a lock! This allows you to lock up when your done for the day and open for business when your ready. It also relieves the stress of having to babysit your bin.

Tarp: Lastly you may want to purchase a tarp if you don’t have one already, a tarp is a great deterrent, yes this means if you don’t have one, you will be spending money to purchase one, but it takes time to un-tarp a bin to throw your own goods in it, most abusers are looking for a quick service, the trouble to un-tarp the bin could just what they’re not looking to run into on their quest to illegally dump.

Of course these are just ideas to help prevent this unfortunate situation from occurring and knowing these circumstances happen is half the battle. Call us for any additional information to help save time, money, and space in and on your bin!