Staying "Zen" while filling your bin

 I know what you’re thinking, but trust me it is possible! “Being Zen” is essentially a state of being at peace with your own thoughts, and being self-aware of your place within the universe, most likely the last thing on your mind during a major project.  Whether you’ve got a major move coming up or you’re thinking about some mini renovations to your home, we’ve got some tips to help with loading your bin while staying Zen!

1.)    Create and jot down your game plan! Try your best to stay within your plan, of course this is easier said than done as there are unforeseen circumstances that could occur. However, having a plan will help to stay grounded and complete the tasks at hand.

2.)    Do one thing at a time – If you’re a one man band then this will be an easy step (tiring but easy) if you got a team ready to help, it’s best to delegate tasks to each team mate. Once they’re task is complete they can mark it off the plan and move onto the next task. 

3.)    Take a break – Rest – Rest – Rest! Getting the appropriate amount of sleep and rest is imperative during a move. A clear and rested mind will keep you on your “A” game.

4.)    Stay hydrated! H20 is a major resource to all living things. Our brain and heart are composed of 73% water! So cheers to your progress and drink up!

5.)    Breath – If you feel yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, keep your shoulders relaxed, slowly exhale through your mouth. As you blow air out, purse your lips slightly, but keep your jaw relaxed, and repeat!

So pump up the jams, gather up the team and let’s stay Zen as we get the Bin filled! You can count of us, your residential friendly dumpster facility to deliver you a clean green and pristine bin with 100% drive way protection, post job sweeping, double doors in the back for easy loading and exceptional customer service with EACH and EVERY order!