Trash Pandas?

Hey everyone! Today’s subject is all about the raccoon family! Did you know these animals have the nick name of a “trash panda” because of the rings around their eyes as well as being scrappy and adaptive? Believe it or not the Native Americans were the first to discover their unusual hands, which coincidentally is how “raccoon” came about! The English word “Raccoon” comes from the Native American word “aroughcun” which means; animal that scratches with hands.

Speaking of their hands, raccoon’s front paws are super dexterous and contain roughly 4 times more sensory receptors that their back paws; similar to the ratio of human hands to feet. Their hands aren’t the only feature that makes these animals so adorable!  The black markings on their eyes help them see more clearly as the markings act just like the black stickers athletes wear under their eyes to absorb incoming light reducing glare that would otherwise obstruct their vision, surprisingly this feature also helps with their site during nocturnal hours which is when Raccoons are most active because it reduces the peripheral light making the contrast easier to focus on objects.

Raccoons have intrigued researchers for decades, and are most likely a part of your local wild life population. They enjoy both Urban (towns, cities, and suburbs etc.) and Rural (country side / undeveloped land) locations of our world. This would explain why you can catch them all over the city and within close proximity to the dumpster / trash cans. Although raccoons can appear to be bold and aggressive, they’re typically not dangerous to people, in the event you are scratched or bitten seek immediate medical attention. So if you see one of these cute conniving thief tricksters in your dump; remember to be kind and stay calm, he probably just wants a snack!