Items to assess after a Hail Storm

If you are from Texas, then you may be familiar with fickle weather. Where we are located, in San Antonio, we get a lot of heat, humidity and believe it or not Hail. The last Hail storm reported here was at the end of May according to bringing the total to a whopping 8 hail storms in less than half a year. I am curious, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Hail”. Let me guess, Car?! My thoughts too, it has been reported that the U.S spends as much as $22 billion a year in damage to homes, yards, cars and more.

Let’s talk about hail and how it happens for a moment, hailstones are created when raindrops are carried upward by drafts during a thunderstorm to a very cold atmosphere and freezes, once the updraft can no longer carry the weight of the stone you guessed it, it falls! Onto our cars, into our gardens, yards, driveways and what most of us forget is our roof!

Texas had the largest number of hail loss claims during the years 2017 to 2019, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s analysis of data from ISO ClaimSearch®, with 638,000 claims.

So how can you protect your assets? Be in the know, keep up with sever weather updates on the weather app on your phone or your local news station, make arrangements to keep your vehicle in the garage if you have one or you can find several options of convenient hail damage protection items ranging from around $65 - $300 on the web which could save you thousands of dollars in the long hall in an environment dealing with hail. If you notice your roof has been damaged, it’s a good time to call your insurance company and file a claim, they’ll help find a reliable company to access the damage, finalize plans for repair that best fits your needs, and get your home back into the condition you had it. You’ll need a dump for that! So call your local Dumpster Rental Facility and check out prices on dumpsters for your construction work, Here at Bin There Dump That – San Antonio we provide drive way protection, friendly and reliable service, tip top gear without scuffs graffiti and scratches along the exceptional customer service you deserve each order!