Why Recycle?

Recycling is the process of converting waste into reusable material, with that being said did you know there are different types of recycling? This includes Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Recycling. Primary Recycling is an item that mustn’t be changed in any way this can also be considered to be second hand use i.e.; donating to family, charity or a friend, even reusing it for yourself. Secondary Recycling this is a popular one for all the crafters out there, this is a reuse of a product or material that will be modified without chemical processing like egg cartons to plant seeds for your garden, wine corks to make a fun craft for a Birthday gift. Lastly, Tertiary Recycling is if the recycled material/product will need be reprocessed using chemicals or heat like melting metals, or breaking down plastic bottles in order to make products that are brand new.  
Don’t forget compositing!! Food waste, yard trimming, and other organics can be composted!! Composting is the process of transforming certain types of garbage and biodegradable trash into organic material that can be used as fertilizer!

Some ways to start or to continue recycling are:
1.      Know what to put in your recycling bin! Make sure to check the label most recyclable items have the recycle logo on it for clarification 
2.      Know what is not recyclable and what is considered compost. Plastic, clean tin cans, paper goods, glass bottles and jars. Compost items include things like tree clippings, food scraps like coffee grounds, potato and banana peels, and vegetarian animal manure.
3.      Make sure to rinse. It is important to rinse the items before tossing them into the recycle bin to ensure they are ready to be reprocessed.
4.      Make designated areas around your home for regular recycling use. This will motivate the people you live with to be proactive with their recycling habits as well as all your visitors!
Go Green, and recycle like a boss!