5 Ways to live a more environment friendly life style

Eco- Friendly is a term most commonly referring to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy! With so many things happening around us, now is the time to take care of not only ourselves but the environment around us. Ever wonder what happens to the trash you see lingering around while you drive down the highway? Or what it costs to leave your outside lights on all day, how about what you can save by recycling or reusing items and products for a multitude of things. We’ve got some ideas that we think can help you live a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle.

1.      Be an energy saver not an energy taker! Unplug the electronics you are not utilizing you’re your phone charge, coffee maker, toaster, or microwave; these are all things around the house that we typically don’t think twice about leaving in the power outlet. According to The Natural Resources Defense Council it costs an average of $165 per household or $19 billion across the U.S. https://www.nrdc.org/resources/home-idle-load-devices-wasting-huge-amounts-electricity-when-not-active-use

2.      Got a garden? Set up a rain barrel for out-side water use! You can save on your water bill by using the recycled water from the rain!

3.      Speaking of water! Water leaks or broken pipes create a water waste in the trillions annually. So ensure to check what’s below the surface, if you’re seeing an increase in your bill, this could be an underlining issue that by fixing could save in the long haul.  Did you know that the average American uses around 9,000 gallons of water to flush 230 gallons of waste?

4.      Set the thermostat! Setting your thermostat ensures that the A/C unit will not have to be over worked. Turning your air off during the day makes the unit work extra to fulfill your need to be cooled after your long day of work. If you leave it on but set it at a higher temp you’ll be able to maintain a more comfortable degree.

5.      An average of 5% of energy is from lighting; make sure you’re using the correct light bulbs for your fans, lamps and general lighting. Don’t forget to turn the lights out as well.

Remember you can make a compost pile with coffee grounds, banana peels and other scraps of food to save on your at home garden. While you’re strolling around the neighbor hood making sure you get all your steps in, bring a small bag to pick up any trash you see lingering around. Littering can create storm-drains to clog and cause floods and can injure our aquatic life. Share some of your ideas on how to be friendlier with our environment.