Additional time at home this Spring?

Many Americans are finding themselves with some additional time at home this season and are looking for something proactive to do, besides the most popular option to catch up on our favorite Netflix shows, books and video games. We’ve got some great ideas to help keep you and your families mind off the unfortunate situation we’ve all been placed in. Let’s take advantage of this time at home with our loved ones.
What better time than now to get started on the spring cleaning:
  •       Make a schedule, pick a room each day of the week and the hours you would like to allot to prevent all day work!
  •           Get the kiddos involved, after all the mini tornadoes in our lives are contributing to the clutter in the home front too. Teach them the importance of out with the old and in with the new. Below is a chart of chores for the kiddos to help out with. Determined by age:
·        3-6 Yrs: What’s great about this age group is they’re still eager to help! They’re great at helping load the washer and dryer, feeding the family pets, wiping counters and tables, making the bed, and picking up toys and miscellaneous items in their own rooms.

·        6-9 Yrs: Rake the last of the leaves that are lingering in the front and back yard, emptying trash cans in the kitchen as well as the bathroom and individual rooms, helping with the loading and unloading the dishwasher, folding clothes and matching socks, sweeping common areas.

·        10-TEENS: These soon to be adults can help manage the harder more time consuming tasks like vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, putting clothes and linens in their appropriate spaces, and helping the younger kiddos determine what they would like to place for donation or what they are still loving at the moment.
  •           Assess what you may need to toss and order the appropriate size dumpster; did you know that we are COVID-19 Friendly? What this means for you is you can still place an order, make payment, receive dumpster, request for removal, and have the unit removed without any human contact. At this time we are taking every precaution to stay as sanitary and healthy so we can continue to provide you with the exceptional customer service you’ll have known to love!
Lastly, use some time to regroup. Under these unfortunate circumstances staying at home is likely the best option. Don’t forget to utilize this time to relax too! Take advantage of this extra time with your loved ones and have movie night, treat your significant other to a romantic in-house date of dinner and a movie, play some board or card games with the kids, show them the fun side of you that you’ve also been missing. Make the best of what we’ve got, stay healthy, safe and awesome!