How to prep for your next move

Whether you're downsizing your home space or relocating from your starter home to the home you’ve always dreamed of, moving can be such a time taker. On the bright side it truly is the best opportunity to begin cleaning items to be transferred and consolidating the things that are taking up space in your home, which you’re really not utilizing as much as you anticipated. Packing usually brings on a lot of memories had in your current place that can be hard to say goodbye to and let go of but we’ve got some great tips and tricks to help with your next move.

1.      When you are sure of your move in date, take some time to not only prepare for your move but the actual move itself. Weekends are a great starting point, however if you’ve got to get back to work Monday, you may find yourself regretting not taking a few additional days to avoid the hassle of leaving your new home unfinished and feeling fatigue for the upcoming work week.

2.      Boxes, tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. Start gathering the gear you’ll need to prepare for your move ahead of time. Wrapping glass items with soft linens is a great way to save during your move! *Did you know that the green packing peanuts used for fragile items are made of 70% of recycled materials, check with your local trash provider to see if they can be recycled after your move.

3.      Schedule movers, this is super helpful if you need to move in a jiffy. Professional movers can get in and out pretty quickly, provide helpers, and typically bring a moving truck along for the job. They also help relieve the stress from having to find help moving those bulky items such as china cabinets, sofas, and bedroom sets. *Try to get the first slot available for your schedule move in date, this way you all of your belongings are out of the old and into the new early enough for you to focus on unpacking and placing everything where you think you want it.

4.      Start packing, this process is the most time consuming portion of a move. Create piles to indicate what you would like to keep, items that you can’t let go of but do not need to be out for the eyes to see can be stored in clear boxes to easily view what is inside or utilize a packing box you no longer need for items like holiday decorations, and items of the such. Donated items as well as things that are ready to be tossed or recycled like old clothing that is too worn to wear or give away and old toys that have seen better days. Color coordinate boxes per room with masking tape to make the process easier for you and the movers on where to take your belongings.

Unpacking and placing your items into your new home makes all of your hard work, sweat, and possible tears worth it and somehow all your old treasures feel brand new again. At this time you can start tossing packing supplies, that are no longer needed, think about renting a dumpster to help haul off any items you need to get rid of. Don’t forget lots of packing gear is recyclable. Help make your move as efficient as possible by prepping ahead of time.