Tis the season for dumping, here is the reason!

The holidays are here and they typically bring more than cheer. You may wonder where all the space you once had went? Or maybe where you’re going to store all the yummy leftovers post party? Will you need a dumpster? Let’s find out!
If your planning on being the hostest with the mostest we’ve got some declutter tips that are sure to help make space for all types of fun stuff like Holiday decoration stations to adult only tables.

  • -         Start small and work your way up, the bathroom is not only one of the most popular spaces at a party, it is also likely to be the smallest space. You may want to start here, removing items that are not used on a daily bases. This may also trigger some DIY moments to spruce up and open up some more space like adding a tray organizer to the drawers to free up counter space, or adding a shelf above the door for extra storage that is out of the way of anyone who enters the space.

More popular places to gather around are the kitchen, dining and living spaces. These areas in the house will be full of guests and making space can be tricky.

  • -         Coffee tables full of old magazines, newspapers or books can be a bulky statement that is most likely not needed during your party. Recycle the papers and paperbacks and store the coffee table in a room you will not be utilizing during the party. This will open up the space for another table for guest to sit at, an ornament decorating station or even a dance floor!

  • -         The fridge! Do not forget to go through the fridge and pantry, toss any food that is expired. This gives you the opportunity to move items that are soon to expire to the front ensuring they don’t get left behind on the plate for the upcoming year. This will also open up space for any items you receive at your party that need to be chilled or stored out of eye site.

Don’t forget about the after party! Parties bring joy, laughter, and let’s face it a lot of clean up! Leftover food that wasn’t eaten in time as well as drinks, wrapping paper, boxes, and if you enjoy the smell of a freshly cut evergreen tree, you may have a tree to get rid of. This is where renting a dumpster post party is important. It’s the one stop shop that will fit the tree and any other items that you want to part ways with.

*** Start 2020 with less waste and EXTRA space!!!