Clean up and get serious about making space!

Spring cleaning is here! Here is a simple process to follow when cleaning up your home!

1. Clean with purpose! Sifting through boxes may take a lot of time so the best way to pare down is to make first reaction piles: keep, donate, dispose.

2. Once your disposal pile is complete, consider what types of materials you are disposing of. Is there anything dangerous or hazardous that requires proper disposal? (See list)

We do not want to contaminate the environment of plants, animals, soil and water supply!

3. Now that you have your disposal pile for BTDT give us a call and we will do the rest!

4. Next, ensure your donation pile includes safe items for others! Donating is one of the incredible ways to give back to your own community.

5. Once you've designated what can be kept, work through an organization strategy based on the space you've made! There are a lot of great organization products out there or if you have the time, cost effective DIY projects to aid in organization!

Hopefully now you have more space you can enjoy!