Saftey is Key in the Dumpster Rental Business!

At BTDT we are all about SAFETY.  The lack of safe disposal can harm not only the environment, but you and your family as well. Safety is a component of BTDT's core value!  So let's roll up our sleeves and talk safety!  Use these tips to keep you and your family safe during your next project: 

-  Wear protective eye wear to ensure you can see every step of your process and to protect those beauties! 
- Wear a face mask to mitigate breathing in harmful dust particles
- Always wear gloves! No matter what the job, your hands are likely your source of efforts!
- Closed toes shoes are a MUST for a job of any kind
- Work with plenty of ventilation
- Designate a spotter when on a ladder 
- Create a plan for your job. Being prepared is key to identifying possible safety concerns and costly errors

Trust your instinct when doing your work and read up on the safety suggestions before performing any job! 

Enjoy the safety & success of your new project!