Who cares? Oh, BTDT does

Taking care of our homes is something that we all think about, right? However, we are all shocked when others do not take care of our homes. 

                                                                     Ask yourself this. 

                                                                                                 Why would they?  

When a company begins to care about your home just as much as you do, you realize that there are good companies out there. With good companies come good people who run them.  

I thought that renting dumpsters was just for throwing out a bunch of trash, but I have used Bin There Dump That when I've found myself having to move an entire bin (full of what I would personally consider a botanist’s paradise) ACROSS TOWN!  I loaded probably about 50 different plants into BTDT’s bin so easily. The potted plants rode really well and what was anticipated to take a few different weekends only ended up taking a few hours. Imagine the hassle had I not rented a dumpster!  

Not only did BTDT care about the driveway they set the dumpster on (by protecting it with their two-by-fours), but they also helped explain where the heaviest of plants should sit for best ride and offered really helpful advice, etc. 

These guys really do know what they're doing AND on top of that, they care more than any other company I've ever worked with. It is so refreshing to have experienced such a wonderful hometown company in a place I consider home!