Refashion, Remodel, Redo

LOVE your family time- and the space you share it in!

Living in an older home with dividing walls between you and your loved ones? Knock those walls down and let the conversations grow! 

Living room alteration/restoration can dramatically increase your ability to be in the kitchen cooking while still in the living room conversations. Knocking down walls requires more than a sledge hammer, it requires insight into insuring the wall is not weight bearing as well as knowing what is behind the wall. 

Hiring a professional to assess your wall before the demo is key. Once you have the official green light to move forward, grab some safety glasses and get to making room for family!
The best news is with no plumbing or  major cabinetry changes makes for a cheaper, yet incredible transition! It's a simple step but a great one for improving your family's lifestyle!

A Side note: 
Did you know that it costs millions of dollars to correct the recycling mistakes we make by placing items in the wrong bin? Let's help our environment by recycling right this year and share with our neighbors! 

Enjoy the confidence that Bin There Dump That is an honest steward of ensuring waste is not only disposed of properly and safely but that waste is necessary to be waste! Recycling is the first option ..but for the items that cannot be recycled we will be sure are taken care of seemlessly!

Recycle right with the City of San Antonio!

Help the environment help you!