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Surefire ways to get rid of clutter and embrace the positive change!

 Let’s get real. DIY can be difficult without a plan.  Clutter adds stress and stress doesn’t help any creativity flow!  When you know you need a change – keep your thoughts aligned

Diy Bathroom Renovation Cost Bathroom Remodel Bathroom Remodel Before And After For Top Before And After Bathroom Renovation Bathroom Remodel Average Cost Of Diy Bathroom Renovation

-Step one: know your budget and get a plan in place.  Work through more than just how much new flooring and a new tub will cost.  Also research how much it will cost when something goes wrong.  Have an idea of what you are willing to spend, and how long it will take you to get there.
-Step two: be realistic. If you only have a few days for a sizable renovation, a contractor may be the way to go.  But if you have time and ability to DIY, roll those sleeves up and commit! Once you have your plan, and contingency plan, set in place clean that space out!
-Step three: get RID of the old bathtub, tile, cabinets, and mess so you can think clearly! 

BTDT is here when you are ready for that clutter release – and that’s the best part of remodeling any space – having the ability to start on a CLEAN SLATE! There is something to be said for starting fresh!  We have bins in ranges sizes for remodels.  And with a clutter free environment you have a lot more space to work!