Sweet Family Time

Family time comes in many forms – one of which is working together as a team to create a beautiful space you can all share.  Now is the perfect time without a school schedule to keep up with to knock off your list creating a new and beautiful space for the kids to grow in!  
Remodeling the bathroom will not only increase the value of your home, but it can create an easier environment for the kids to share – especially a light, airy, organized bathroom!
Creating a more functional bathroom space can prevent home accidents that occur in bathrooms – layout is everything! And not necessarily a challenge to change up the layout!
And imagine a world without arguments of mirror space or sink usage!
Adding windows to a bathroom or enlarging entry doors can help brighten up the space as well.  
Finishing touches of new tiles on the floors to match the new shower will also help brighten the space and further increase the value of your new bathroom.  Have the family enjoy their space by designing the bathroom of your dreams and put your dreams into action!
Bin There Dump That does a fantastic job of ensuring ease of bin use as well as ease of clean up!  BTDT uses a specialized boarding system to ensure bins do not leave marks on your driveway so in a flash you are back to normal in your clean, fresh new space!