Back To School Blues

School Bus
Back To School
The back-to-school season is upon us. Which means summer is coming to an end. There is still time to complete that summer home clean out that you've been pushing off. Clean out your child's closets,throw out old clothes, old furniture, toys, landscape items, or general junk and trash that you have around the house.Give us a call to order one of our dumpsters, we can usually get you on schedule for a next day delivery.
 It's always nice to see a friendly face! Here are some of our crew members Ferras(on the left) and Ruben(on the right).These two delivery experts will do their best to insure you are satisfied with your dumpster placement upon delivery, and don't forget they will sweep up your driveway upon removal!

Bin There Dump That
The BTDT Team
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School Bus