When considering a bin rental, you may want to think about the debris type you'll be disposing of, whether or not it is dense materials, how much of it you'll have, and how many bins you'll need. Sorting out those minor details will help with getting to know your project and your budget, which will include bin rental costs.

Our rental costs are based off of location of the delivery and the type of debris that will be disposed of; such as construction debris or household/junk debris. Each landfill takes different items at different costs.

Bin rental costs should include the consideration of the possibility of multiple rentals if your project is a larger project. 

You should also consider over weight fees if your project consists of dense materials such as dirt, rock, asphalt, concrete, shingles, etc. Our rentals include up to 2 tons or 3 tons, depending on size, at $50.00 per ton after 2 or 3 tons. 

How many days you'll be needing a dumpster should also be considered in your budget costs. Our rentals are for up to 10 days at a cost of $15.00 per day after the 10th day.

If you should have any hazardous waste, such as paints, tires, bio-hazard waste, motor oils, car batteries, items that contained or contain gasoline, explosives, flammables, toxins or corrosives that end up in the dumpster, our fees can start at $100.00 and go up. It's always best to mention these items right away so we can lead you in the right direction of disposing of them properly.